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A clear pathway to transform your teachers & students into technology innovators

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Engaging Classes

We connect the dots between the code they learn and the game they play.

Progressive Lessons

We aim to continuously nurture their passion and creativity.

Tailored Teaching

We continuously tailor our lessons to suit the students in our class!

What We Do

Teach kids to code, build games, design websites & develop apps.

Develop Areas That Interest You

After completing our introductory course to programming, the students are offered options to become web/app developers, game developers and/or software developers!

Experienced and Enthusiastic

Code Create is run by professional engineers, university academics, and engineering students. We are passionate about teaching kids the skills they are going to need for the future.

Highly Relevant Courses

With the technology moving so quickly, we are dedicated to teach your kids the most up to date, cool technologies that are widely used in the real world.

Happy Students

CodeCreate is filling the gap in the school for those students interested in coding that the curriculum does not cover.
Their fresh student centered approach has engaged our students with practical, problem solving skills.

- Dave Pitcairn (Head of Reddam House High School)

Happy Students

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