Coder, game developer, designer, or data & robotic engineer

Level up from zero to coding rockstar in one year

With afterschool classes taught by experienced instructors and one-on-one mentoring, CodeCreate is a student’s gateway to building a new, life-changing passion and substituting game time into learning time in just 10 months.

The best part? These are career credible skills that will set a student’s future up for success with real portfolio of projects.


I want CodeCreate at my school

Real progress, real results. Not just a coding camp experience.


CodeCreate is designed for student success.


Our courses are designed to progress a student’s ability for over 12 months. Once past the introductory level, students can select classes that most ignite their passion – from coder, game developer, designer, data & robotic engineers.

Learn the topics that most interests you


Our courses are built around what students love. They are free to learn and work on real world projects that interest them.  Our platform also allows them to explore topics at their own pace. It’s about collaboration, not conformation or competition.

1:1 Mentoring


Each child is supported by 1:1 mentoring. We transform traditional classrooms into a tech lab and encourage peers to support each other. This sets our students up for  success.

There’s always more to learn


Our courses branch into real-life problems and projects. They’re designed to develop students’ skill, rather than sell a one-time holiday camp experience. If you are not learning, we are not succeeding.

Build with love between professional teachers and passionate engineers from top tech companies


Teachers from Australia’s leading engineering firms including Airtasker, Google, Palantir and Microsoft – presenting breaking edge classes

We provide student-centric learning experiences


Every single child is unique. We all grow up with different strengths, passions, and interests. We believe the class experience we created for our students should be too!


We’ve helped thousands of students find their passion and change their lives


Most importantly, our courses are fun while delivering real impact!

84% of CodeCreate School students see progress…. and did so within just 6 months!

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